• World class education for every child
  • Computer based instruction in core subjects of math, language arts
  • Free internet/telephone tutoring for each student
  • Increase teacher pay in Charles County to retain and recruit the best educators.
  • Each School notify every parent/guardian of each student’s Reading Level on every report card.
  • Summer reading camp for all below grade level readers
  • Summer Academy for Math and Science at all public colleges and Universities in Maryland. The top students from each High School will attend tuition free.
  • Require school systems adopt mandatory training to ID patterns and behaviors to prevent abuse of students. 18 States does this, not Maryland.Jane Smith Used Online Candidate for her Campaign Website CMS



After High School (Post-Secondary)

  • Scholarships. Tuition free attendance to all State 2 &4-year undergraduate schools for college ready students
  • Additional funding to students who agree to return, after graduation with a 4-year degree, and teach in Charles County
  • Tuition free scholarships to certain Vocational Training programs
  • Use lottery and casino revenue to fund scholarships
  • Local Board of Education pays tuition and fees for any of their former students who have to enroll in remedial college classes for math, or writing.
  • Free Shuttle bus service for all Charles County CSM students. Pick up and drop off in their neighborhoods.  Just like that provided for University of Maryland Students.

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